SpecChem, LLC


SpecHard 55

SpecHard SpecHard, 55 gal, Water-Based Siliconate Sealer / Densifier

Features and Benefits

SPECHARD is a proprietary, colorless chemical solution that increases the wear surface strength of concrete floors subjected to pedestrian and vehicle traffic. SPECHARD penetrates concrete surfaces to seal, densify and harden. SPECHARD floors last longer, cost less to maintain, are safe to use, and are guaranteed to resist dusting for years after application. It is V.O.C. compliant, odorless, environmentally safe and simple to apply. SPECHARD penetrates the concrete surface and undergoes a chemical reaction that turns the concrete substrate into a hardened, densified mass. Surfaces treated with SPECHARD are not only more abrasion resistant, but are more resistant to chemicals and water than untreated concrete. The deeply penetrating chemical action leaves no film and will not alter the natural non-slip texture of the concrete floor.


Hard Troweled Finish 200-350 ft2/gal
Broom or Float Finish 150-250 ft2/gal
Rough Slab Finish 150-200 ft2/gal
Old Concrete 150-250 ft2/gal



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