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Seal Boss Concrete Solution

The SealBoss ® SwellCaulk Hydro Active

SealBoss® Swell Caulk is a single component, hydrophilic, gungrade waterstop caulk.

The SealBoss ® SwellCaulk  Hydro Active

When in contact with water, SealBoss ® SwellCaulk Sealants develop an expansive swelling pressure. The pressure between the expanding product and the surrounding concrete structure creates a compression seal and prevents the penetration of water through the joint providing a durable waterproofing solution.

SealBoss ® SwellCaulkTM is a single component, hydrophilic, gungrade waterstop. The product is formulated for sealing construction joints, pipe penetrations and other concrete joints of smooth and uneven surfaces. Material cures and swells in the presence of moisture or water thereby creating a compression seal.

Curing time decreases with higher temperatures and greater relative humidity. SealBoss ® SwellCaulkTM will cure in approximately 24 to 36 hours depending on ambient climate. The prodcuct is supplied in sausages or in cartridges. The product is for professional use.
SealBoss ® SwellCaulkTM can be used as an adhesive for SealBoss SwellTapeTM, joint waterstop system, see corresponding data sheet.

SealBoss ® SwellCaulkTM Applications

  • Works on irregular, rough and smooth surfaces
  • Sealing construction joints of cast in-place or precast concrete
  • Many uses including manholes, culverts, cable ducts, pipes and more
  • Sheet Piles, sealing sheet pile knuckle joints
  • Sealing between waterstop strips and rough concrete surfaces

Features and Benefits

  • Solvent free, pliable gungrade mastic
  • Wet, dry and underwater applications
  • Adheres to concrete, PVC, HDPE, steel, fiberglass
  • Unconfined expansion 200-350 %
  • Flexible product for irregular surfaces
  • Easy application
  • Chemical resistance, see chart
  • Adhesive for SealBoss ® SwellTapeTM

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