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Premium Concrete Sealer- PAVIX 100

The Ultimate PERMANENT Concrete Salt Protection System Designed Orignally For Airports, Highways, Bridges & All Concrete Surfaces.  Amazing Results on Concrete, Masonry, and Stone. Pavix 100 is a high performance concrete water proofer with exceptional protection against de-icing salts and liquid born contaminants.

Premium Concrete Sealer- PAVIX 100 Pavix CCC100 is patented dual crystalline waterproofing product that has been proven to penetrate into the sur­face of cured concrete to fill and seal pores and capillary voids, and cracks up to 1/16” creating a permanent protective zone within the concrete sub­strate.​ Once concrete is treated, this proven technology will prevent water from penetrating through the protective zone and causing associated damage, such as freeze-thaw cracking, reinforcing steel corrosion, and chloride ion penetration. One application of the Pavix CCC100 crystalline penetrating sealer will waterproof and seal the surface, as the hygroscopic crystals continuously seek out the vapor within the substrate. ​
Because of this technology’s unique and continuously active characteristics, your structure will self cleanse each time there is a rain event making it appear cleaner as it ages, making Pavix 100 a truly unique concrete sealer.
Pavix 100 permanently protects concrete surfaces in 2 ways, making it the ultimate salt guard for freeze thaw environments.
Pavix 100 permanently protects concrete surfaces in 2 ways, making it the ultimate salt guard for freeze thaw environments

PAVIX100 Tech DataSheet

Pavix100 Informational Flyer


4 - 1 GAL JUG.

Features and Benefits

  • Permanent water proofing for concrete surfaces.
  • Best in industry Salt/Water protection for critical concrete surfaces
  • Designed for Bridges, Coastal Structures, Highways, Airport Runways - Perfect for parking lots, driveways and sidewalks regularly exposed to deicing salts
  • Simple installation
  • Can be applied 48 hours after concrete placement
  • Does not effect the look of the concrete or impact coefficient of friction
  • Solvent based sealers can be applied over top for color enhancement



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