Right Pointe



RIGHT CRETE UW RIGHT CRETE UW is a quick setting, cement based patching material designed to set up under water. RIGHT CRETE UW will take initial set in 5 minutes and final set in 20 minutes. Following the initial set, it may be shaved or contoured to the desired finish. MATERIAL PROPERTIES ASTM C109 Compressive Strength, PSI 24 Hour 3500 7 Day 5400 28 Day 6100 ASTM C266 Set Time, Gilmore Initial 3-5 Min Final 20 Min ASTM C190 Tensile Strength, PSI 7 Day Ave. 315 28 Day Ave. 410 ASTM C78 Flexural Strength, PSI 28 Day Ave. 965 ASTM C666 Freeze Thaw Durability Factor 300 Cycles 98% ASTM C157 Shrinkage 50% RH 28 Day Ave. -0.160% Expansion 100% RH 28 Day Ave. 0.104% ASTM C672 Scaling Resistance 25 Cycles 0% Loss ASTM D1411 Chlorides <0.01%

Features and Benefits

* High strength, over 5000 psi in 28 days * Will stop active leaks * Economical, 1/2 the cost of hydraulic cements * May be shaved or formed


* 50 lbs bag


Concrete gray

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