Safe Cure 800

Safe-Cure™ 800 is a water based, white pigmented, wax emulsion concrete curing compound for concrete.

Safe Cure 800

Safe-Cure 800 is a water-based, white pigmented, wax emulsion curing compound for concrete. When applied to fresh concrete, Safe-Cure 800 creates a continuous film with excellent moisture retention characteristics that enable the cement to fully hydrate and allowing the concrete to achieve higher ultimate strength while reducing surface shrinkage cracks. The white pigmentation reflects sunlight, keeping concrete cool during the hydration process to further ensure it achieves its full design strength and durability.

Features and Benefits

  • Safe-Cure 800 is used to cure any exterior concrete including pavement, curbing, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, median barriers, and mat foundations
  • D.O.T. approved in many states
  • Superior emulsion stability to allow for reduced length and frequency of agitation
  • Excellent moisture retention - consistently meets ASTM C 309White pigments reflect heat in hot weather and act as a gauge of proper application rate
  • Superior spraying characteristics for economical application and reduced labor cost


5 gal (18.9L) 36 per pallet
55 gal (208L) 4 per pallet
275 gal (1040L)
Bulk tanker up to 5,500 gal (20,790L)

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