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WSC55BM Chemical Sprayer


Multiquip’s New WSC55BM Chemical Spraying System offers versatility. It can be mounted in the WSC55C transport cart for mobility or be used by itself as a barrel mount spraying system. This unit was developed to be durable and cost effective.

WSC55BM Chemical Sprayer photo

WSC55 Chemical Sprayer


Multiquip’s WSC55 Chemical Spraying System was designed to significantly cut down on wasted materials while also offering high quality, top of the line features. A small on-board compressor allows the operator to clear and recycle the leftover product that would normally be discarded. This greatly reduces maintenance and the possibility of leftover debris being left in the system after the job is completed

WSC55 Chemical Sprayer photo

1979 Pump Up Sprayers


Chapin’s 1979 Industrial Concrete Sprayer is designed for the harsh concrete jobs. It’s compatible for most professional concrete applications and extreme chemicals.

1979 Pump Up Sprayers  photo

1949 Pump Up Sprayer


Chapin’s 1949 open head form oil sprayer is the best selling unit and is unmatched for quality. It’s compatible for most professional concrete applications and extreme chemicals.

1949 Pump Up Sprayer  photo

1352 Pump Up Sprayer


Chapin’s 1352 Industrial Metal sprayer is a maintenance industry necessity. It can handle a wide range of applications from asbestos removal to professional landscaping. Recommended for professionals and also used by homeowners looking for an industrial strength sprayer for their day-to-day house work.

1352 Pump Up Sprayer  photo
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