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Compaction Equipment

From smaller jumping jacks to large remote control sheep's foot trench rollers, Prairie Supply stocks a variety of plate compactors, rollers, rammers and packers from brands like Multiquip, Mikasa, Wacker Neuson, Bomag and More.

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Rammer (Jumping Jack) Multiquip MTX60HD


Honda GX100 Engine, 3,060 lb impact force, 10.4 in shoe

For applications requiring even greater productivity, Multiquip’s Mikasa MTX60HD 4-cycle rammer is the answer. Now with a redesigned fuel-tank that meets new EPA standards and features an integrated tachometer/hour meter.

Rammer (Jumping Jack) Multiquip MTX60HD photo

MQ Mikasa Plate Packer


Our best selling plate packer just got better! This is our standard rental plate compactor, and is available to rent at all Prairie Supply locations in ND.  The new MVC88 now features a single cast baseplate and eccentric housing to enhance plate durability, serviceability and performance. An hour/tachometer to help measure runtime and engine rpm is now a standard feature. The plate is even easier to transport with the new wheel kit design. All this combined with an advanced anti-vibration handle make the MVC88 the newest and most technically advanced plate compactors on the market.

MQ Mikasa Plate Packer photo


MBW Inc.

The GP3000-15 is ideal for confined work areas, such as sidewalk, curb and gutter, and narrow trenches. This specialty plate is not a lightweight compactor. Its operating weight is over 200 lbs. (91 kg) and produces compaction depths up to 16 in. (41 cm)* and a travel speed of 120 ft/min (36.6 m/min).

GP3000-15  photo

Br4600 Reversible Compactor

Bartell Global

10,000 LBS OF COMPACTION FORCE TO CONQUER MEDIUM & LARGE JOBS QUICKLY. With high-quality construction, Bartell compaction can stand up to whatever your job requires. The BR4600 Reversible Compactor is built for medium – large applications. Equipped with either a Honda GX390 or Yanmar Diesel engine, it has the power and force to effectively compact deep base material properly.

Br4600 Reversible Compactor  photo

BR5100 Reversible Compactor

Bartell Global


BR5100 Reversible Compactor  photo

BR3750 Reversible Compactor

Bartell Global

PACKS A PUNCH WITH OVER 7500 LBS OF COMPACTION FOR MEDIUM SIZE APPLICATIONS. With high-quality construction, Bartell compaction can stand up to whatever your
job requires. The Bartell BR3570 provides moderate compaction force and larger plate size which accomplishes larger footprints quickly and effectively. The optional
extension kit adds efficiency by enlarging the compaction area.

BR3750 Reversible Compactor  photo

BR2750 Reversible Compactor

Bartell Global

OVER 6000 LBS OF RELIABLE COMPACTION. The Bartell BR2750 Reversible Compactor is perfect for many different compaction applications due to its versatility and size. With the high-quality construction, Bartell Compaction can stand up to whatever your job requires.

BR2750 Reversible Compactor  photo

BR1570 Reversible Compactor

Bartell Global

ONE OF THE MOST COMPACT & COST-EFFECTIVE REVERSIBLE PLATES. Bartell’s smallest and most versatile reversible plate compactor. This unit can easily stand in place of many popular forward plates because of the comparative cost, but you get the increased production of the reversible feature.

Spec GX160
Power Output 4.8hp (3.6kW)
Compaction Force 3461 lbf / 15 kN / 1570 kgf
Max Travel Speed 65'/min (20m/min)
Base Material Ductile Iron
BR1570 Reversible Compactor  photo

BCF2150 Forward Compactor

Bartell Global

OUR HARDEST HITTING FORWARD COMPACTORS — OVER 4500 LBS OF COMPACTION. Bartell’s hardest hitting forward plate compactor is perfect for many compaction applications—especially pavers—because of the high compaction force. Many pavers call for the base material to be compacted with over 4000 lbs, which means the BCF2150 is perfect for compacting the pavers themselves, but also the base material.

BCF2150 Forward Compactor  photo

BCF1570 Forward Compactor

Bartell Global

OVER 3000 LBS OF COMPACTION FORCE — PERFECT FOR GENERAL COMPACTION APPLICATIONS. The BCF1570 Forward Plate is Bartell’s most popular compactor because of its versatility and quality. This unit is great for many different compactions applications, and because of the built-in water tank, it can be used on asphalt.

BCF1570 Forward Compactor  photo

BCF1080 Forward Compactor

Bartell Global

OVER 2000 LBS OF COMPACTION FOR LIGHT APPLICATIONS. The BCF1080 is the smallest compactor that Bartell offers and is perfect for light compaction applications. Because
of its size, the BCF1080 Forward Plate Compactor can be moved easily around the job site.

BCF1080 Forward Compactor photo
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