Flex Temp Systems

Flex-Temp Systems Fusion 3000

Next generation ground heating, concrete curing, and construction heater.  Safe, reliable, with built-in fail safes.  Ideal for projects around 6,000SF

Flex-Temp Systems Fusion 3000 The Fusion 3000 is the work horse of the construction heater fleet. Whether you’re looking for the industry’s standard in ground thaw machines… Or need higher performing equipment, The Flex-Temp brand is engineered by design and built for prime performance in extreme cold weather. The Fusion 3000 has a new safety innovation, an embodied bottom spill area with 150% containment. Confine potential hazards in case of a accident. MaxCure automates inversion by adjusting temps on outbound flow with inbound or return flow. Now you can stabilize variant due to ambient temperature drops, extra large thaw areas or balance concrete curing rates. Our surface heating equipment provides new levels of insight and improvement including advanced communications and technology. You can track machines with GPS, or add a backup generator set you only service every 3000 hours. Weekend ground thaw jobs become a little more manageable.


THAW ground 6,000SF
CURE concrete 18,000SF (With Accessories)
SPACE heating 234,000 BTU's

Features and Benefits

  • FLEXGUARD- Guard against Contamination Spills. The Fusion 3000 has a spill containment area with undercarriage drains. Designed to hold 150% containment should an accident occur
  • CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM - Move heated fluid vertically or sideways, Use on columns, bridge decks and other complex applications. Uses no external reservoirs. Maximize heat and fuel efficiency.
  • MULTI ZONE LAYOUT- Use one zone for smaller jobs. The use of multiple zones creates higher return temps for a quicker and more effective thaw. Zone heat control throughout the layout equalizes heat for more consistent concrete curing.
  • HEAVY DUTY HOSE REEL- Reel has: high/low speed, forward/reverse, and a direct drive gear box assembly for durability. An easy soft start/stop control during hose layout and take-up makes for less wear and tear freewheel option for faster setup. Auto-electric brake for transportation.
  • FUEL HEATER- Adds 4% fuel savings with optimum fuel burn temp, assists boiler at high altitudes, prevents gelling in extreme cold weather.
  • 3,000 ft of Heat transfer hose
  • 170 gal. fuel capacity
Fusion 3000
Fusion 3000


178.5" x 96" x 91"


Optional Diesel Generator


8,295 lbs (full fuel and fluids)


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