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CASH Dots & Pads

CASH Dots & Pads The CASH Diamond Polishing dots and pads are excellent for Casinos, Convention Centers, Airports, Schools, Hotels, and anywhere else that quick and effective polishing of concrete, terrazzo, marble, and granite is required. For the best life, production and result, STI recommends using the CASH pads on the STI propane or electric powered PMB-21 burnisher outfitted with the tan driver. When used on a PMB-21, the cost of the CASH pad system is less than one third a cent per square foot or 3 cents per square meter. CASH dots are used for restoration of concrete floors. CASH pads are used for polishing and maintenance of concrete, terrazzo, marble, and granite flooring. Be green Ñ use with water! No chemical is required to achieve shine, but STI recommends Prime Grind 2 for abrasion resistance, slip resistance, and color enhancement. Available in 17", 20", & 21" sizes to fit most electric buffers and 7" for hand machines.



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