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Re-designed STXDF 10' Riding Trowel


The MQ Whiteman STXDF hydraulic ride-on trowel was redesigned from the ground up focusing on delivering the maximum power required for panning and burnishing. Having the added option of running on LPG (with proper ventilation) or gasoline, this innovative design can also extend overall run times over standard single fuel models by 35%.

Re-designed STXDF 10' Riding Trowel photo

HDX605 Riding Trowel

Allen Engineering

The HDX605 was designed with the high-volume flatwork concrete contractor in mind. This rider is not only fully hydraulic, but it also comes with cruise control, digital readouts for accurate fuel levels and diagnostics, and a large 13-gallon fuel tank for longer run times. It is also equipped with powerful pumps that help maintain excellent torque even at high rotor speeds. This makes the machine excellent for panning, finishing, or polishing operations.

HDX605 Riding Trowel photo
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