EDCO, Equipment Development Co. Inc.

EDCO CD-3 Scabbler

Removes up to 250 sq.ft. per hour at Depth Per Pass of 1/4″; Delivers 1,200 hits per minute for fast surface removal; Requires only 160 CFM at 100 PSI Heavy-duty 1/4″ steel frame; 2″ Vacuum Port for dust-free operation Automatic in-line lubricator (oiler); WHIPCHEK Cable assures safe air hose hookup.

EDCO CD-3 Scabbler

Ideal For…

  • Removing spalled or deteriorated concrete
  • Roughening surfaces for new overlayments
  • Reducing high spots or leveling uneven joints
  • Creating wheelchair access ramps
  • Sidewalk trip hazard repair
  • Removing epoxy
  • Creating slip-resistant surfaces
  • Texturing parking garage ramps
  • Breaking up ceramic tile

Product Applications

  • Surface & Marking Removal
  • Surface Leveling
  • Surface Texturing & Grooving

Features and Benefits

  • Power: Air
  • Air Requirement: 100 FSM at 100 PSI
  • L x W x H: 41.5 x 21 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 165 lbs