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QES Quick Erect Scaffold® by BrandSafway

Due to its efficiency and ease of use, BrandSafway’s QES Quick Erect Scaffold® is ideal for jobsites where speed and excellence in safety are critical.

QES Quick Erect Scaffold® by BrandSafway

Safety is a critical issue when using scaffolding, therefore it is important to ensure that all scaffolds are properly erected. That is why BrandSafway has built important safety features directly into BrandSafway’s QES® scaffolding. The locking action of the wedge connection will not stress the ring-to-post welds. QES® scaffolding does not use any welds or castings in vulnerable or critical components.

Due to each component being secured independently of one another, components can be attached or removed individually without releasing or distributing other components. This is particularly important in complex applications when several components are being attached to or removed from a single ring.

BrandSafway even took an extra step and galvanized QES Quick Erect Scaffold® both inside and out to provide maximum corrosion protection. It all adds up to a scaffolding system of uncompromising reliability.

QES® and QES QUICK ERECT SCAFFOLD® are registered trademarks of BrandSafway

Features and Benefits

  • Two principal components- posts and horizontals
  • Versatile design - rings have eight openings
  • Secure / stability - horizontals bear against post; wedge connector draws the horizontal against the post to firmly lock the scaffold members together, while creating a moment connection between the horizontal and the post
  • Easy to erect - no loose parts - captive wedges are integral to the ends of each horizontal member
  • Erects to meet almost any configuration
  • Reliable - all major components are galvanized


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