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300 Ft. Caution Tape Wiz

Tape Wiz Barricade Tape Dispenser with 300 Ft. Yellow Caution Tape

300 Ft. Caution Tape Wiz

Tape Wiz barricade tape dispenser is made of durable polyethylene and holds 300’ Caution Tape. The Tape Wiz handle allows you to dispense the barricade tape without twisting or tangling. There is a convenient notch to store the loose tape end. Caution tape is 2 mil thick with bold black letters printed on a bright yellow background.

Features and Benefits

Durable plastic handle; 2 mil thick Caution Tape; Convenient notch secures loose tape end; Caution printed in bold black on bright yellow background


3.25" w x 8.75" h x 3.25" d


0.83 each


yellow handle / yellow tape