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Cure Hard

Cure Hard, 5 gal

Cure Hard Cure Hard, 5 gal, Sodium silicate cure & dustproofer

Features and Benefits

CURE HARD is a spray applied concrete cure, hardener and dustproofer. CURE HARD deeply penetrates concrete surfaces to densify, seal, harden and dustproof concrete and Portland Cement based material surfaces to help them achieve maximum abrasion resistance and without altering the natural appearance of the concrete. May contribute to LEED credits.


Hard Troweled Finish: 300-500 sq ft / gal
Broom or Float Finish: 200-400 sq ft / gal
Rough Finish: 200-300 sq ft / gal
Aged Concrete: 200-300 sq ft / gal
Vertical Surface: 200-300 sq ft / gal



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