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LINSEED OIL ANTI-SPALL 50/50 LINSEED OIL ANTI-SPALL 50/50 is a half and half solution of mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil that functions as a fast drying, penetrating concrete sealer. LINSEED OIL ANTI-SPALL 50/50 is designed to prevent the spalling and scaling of concrete, especially those structures that are exposed to the destructive effects of de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles, and ponding surface water. LINSEED OIL ANTI-SPALL 50/50 penetrates into the surface of concrete to seal and protect the material, extending its service life and protecting it from harsh winters. * Will cause an amber coloration on applied surfaces * Meets USEPA VOC regulations with a maximum 400 g/l VOC content * Penetrates into the concrete prolonging the service life * Prevents scaling and spalling * Can also be used on wood structures to preserve and seal * Ready to Use


* AASHTO M-233
* ASTM D-260
* ASTM D-235
* IL D.O.T. section 1023.01 (TT-L-190D

Features and Benefits

* Ready to Use * Time tested reliable technology
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