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LithSeal Lite SC

LithSeal Lite SC 55 gal

LithSeal Lite SC, 55 gal, Low solids Lithium Silicate Concrete Sealer/Densifier

Features and Benefits

LITHSEAL LITE is an economical lithium silicate sealer/densifier for concrete surfaces. LITHSEAL LITE deeply penetrates and reacts with cured concrete. This reaction produces a calcium silicate hydrate within the concrete pores. Treated surfaces will remain breathable, reduce porosity, reduce dusting, reduce water permeability and increase abrasion resistance. When properly applied, LithSeal LITE will not leave the whitish blush characteristic of other sodium silicate products


Fresh, Uncured, Burnished ConcreteÉ...500-800ft2/gal
Existing Steel Trowelled ConcreteÉÉÉ.400-700ft2/gal.
Existing Float Finished Concrete .............250-350ft2/gal.



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