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Reaxion Concentrate

Reaxion Concentrate, 55 gal

Reaxion Concentrate Reaxion Concentrate, 55 gal, Biodegrabable, Water-based form release concentrate

Features and Benefits

REAXION is a 100% biodegradable, chemical release agent emulsion concentrate that when properly diluted with water( 4 to 1) provides a positive release ideal for sensitive environmental situations such as bridge formwork over rivers and streams or potable water reservoirs. REAXION provides quick, easy release on wood, steel, aluminum, elastomeric liners and leaves an architectural bondable concrete surface.


Steel, Plastic, Fiberglass 1,500 sq ft/gal
Aluminum, HDO Plywood 1,500 sq ft/gal
Elastometric Form Liners 1,500 sq ft/gal
MDO Plywood 1,000 sq ft/gal
Urethane Coated Plywood 1,000 sq ft/gal
Coated Paper Forms 1,000 sq ft/gal
Dimensional Lumber 750 sq ft/gal
Rough Sawn Lumber 750 sq ft/gal
Striated Plywood 750 sq ft/gal


milky white, clear

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