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RIGHT SHEEN 30 is a solvent based coating that utilizes an acrylic polymer resin to cure and seal freshly placed concrete, and leave behind a long lasting high luster finish. RIGHT SHEEN 30 has an especially low VOC content, making it a product more friendly to the environment.

RIGHT SHEEN 30 dries clear, is non-yellowing, and UV-stable for outdoor applicatons. RIGHT SHEEN 30 produces a chemically resistant, mar-proof film that highlights the underlying concrete, exposed aggregate, or pool deck surface. RIGHT SHEEN 30 meets the 350 g/l VOC requirements, designated by the USEPA, for concrete curing compounds.
* UV-stable
* Fast drying
* Resistant to common chemicals
* Ready to Use


* ASTM C-1315, Type I, Class A
* ASTM C-309, Type I, Class B
* AASHTO M-148, Type I, Class B
* Meets VOC requirements for the US and Canada

Features and Benefits

* High luster coating adds aesthetic appeal to treated surfaces
* High solids, 25 % minimum
* VOC compliant with the US and Canada
* Dustproofs, minimizes checking, crazing, cracking, and spalling
* Maximizes the concrete’s compression and tensile properties


* 1 gallon 6 packs
* 5 gallon pails
* 55 gallon drums