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Safe-Cure and Seal 309

Safe-Cure® 3500 is a water based, white pigmented, concrete curing compound. It is formulated specifically to meet the standards established by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

Safe-Cure and Seal 309

Safe-Cure® & Seal 309 cures fresh concrete to ASTM C309 standards and protects concrete surfaces from the intrusion of water borne contaminants and dirt.

  • Effectively curing any fresh concrete enabling the concrete to reach its design strength, while minimizing drying shrinkage cracking
  • After curing is complete, the durable SAFE-CURE & SEAL 309 film will continue to protect the concrete from salt and water penetration
  • Sealing and dustproofing any older concrete surface

Features and Benefits

  • SAFE-CURE & SEAL 309 is a truly green product. It’s very low level of VOC emissions complies with the most stringent requirements. As a result, SAFE-CURE & SEAL 309 can be used to cure or seal concrete anywhere in North America.
  • Allows concrete surface to develop full design strength by promoting complete hydration during curing process.
  • Seals concrete surfaces with a tough film, increasing abrasion resistance of the floor
  • Increases resistance to deicers, salts and other mild chemicals by filling concrete pores with clear, durable acrylic
  • Reduces maintenance costs by keeping concrete from dusting and making surfaces easier to clean
  • Low odor so that curing and sealing of interior concrete can be accomplished without respirators, fans or health concerns
  • More cost effective than solvent based cure & seal systems
  • Water clean up
  • Milky white appearance during application aids in gauging coverage. SAFE-CURE & SEAL 309 dries clear

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