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SC Cure 500

SC Cure 500 55 gal

SC Cure 500 SC Cure 500, 55 gal, Leading edge technology concrete curing compound


ASTM C-309

Features and Benefits

SC CURE 500® is a leading edge technology, concrete curing compound that was developed to cure hard-troweled concrete to be treated with a lithium silicate hardener/densifiers like LITHSEAL SC. SC CURE 500® penetrates and forms a temporary membrane to cure, densify, harden and dustproof concrete essential for proper strength development. Should SC CURE 500® be over applied or left to dry on the surface of hard trowel concrete surfaces, the surface membrane becomes brittle and is easily removed with a stiff broom or light abrasion. Once the surface has been cleaned, lithium hardeners can be applied within 7 days.


1000 sq ft/gal



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