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SpecStrip WB

SpecStrip WB 55 gal

SpecStrip WB, 55 gal, water-based reactive form release agent

Features and Benefits

SPECSTRIP WB is a reactive water-based release agent for all types of concrete forms. Forms treated with Spec Strip WB release easily minimizing the number of bug holes. Spec Strip WB will not damage styrene bead or form liners. It leaves a coating on steel forms that inhibits rust. May contribute to LEED credits.


Steel, Plastic, Fiberglass 1000 sq ft/gal
Conditioned Aluminum 1000 sq ft/gal
HDO Plywood 1000 sq ft/gal
MDO Plywood 1000 sq ft/gal
Dimensional Lumber 1000 sq ft/gal
BB Grade Plywood 1000 sq ft/gal


milky white, clear

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