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Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater

Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater can thaw ground, cure concrete, and heat enclosures allowing for concrete work in freezing temperatures.  Ideal for jobs 3,000-6,000SF

Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater Breakthrough in Technology Improved capability with patented HEATzone (TM) fluid distribution technology. Superior Thaw, Cure, Heat for any job. Delivers a blistering 250 MBH of heat with unparalleled uniformity thru 5 seperate 600’ zones. It THAWS more quickly, CURES more evenly, and saves a minimum of 24 gallons of fuel per day over its closest competitor.


THAW frozen ground 3,000-6,000SF
CURE Concrete 6,000SF w/curing accessories 18,000SF (Max)
FROST prevention 9,000SF w/accessories 27,000SF (Max)
HEAT buildings 400,000 cu ft

Features and Benefits

  • Newly designed “series flow pattern” provides more flow for better heat transfer.
  • Easy-to-use and newly designed control box located at rear passenger side.
  • All controls in one place-for easier operator interface.
  • Off-On switch allows for untrained operator use.
  • Set temperature at HTF-returns for more accurate cold weather concrete curing.
  • Fuel gauge and low water alert are added to the control box for trouble shooting.
  • Flow is increased through larger sized and shorter piping, resulting in faster thawing and used with available unit heaters- more warm air delivery
  • New Power/In-Power/out and free-Wheeling feature for reel operation with dynamic brake


170" x 84" x 97"


Diesel Generator 7KW


5,600lbs with full fuel and Fluids


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