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TK TRIMIX Surfacer

A dry cementitious concrete surfacer designed to seal, waterproof and color/texturize concrete and masonry substrates. TK-TRI-MIX concrete surfacer is to be used with a liquid bonding agent for improved bonding, adhesion and cohesion between coats, and for added durability against chemical attack.

Suitable for interior, exterior, and above or below grade use. Great for vertical, overhead and non-traffic bearing horizontal surfaces. May be applied to a wide range of substrates including: precast and formed concrete, regular and lightweight block, brick, stone, stucco and other concrete/masonry surfaces. Typical applications include: bridges, parapets, parking garages, tunnels, water tanks, silos, reservoirs, retaining walls, foundations, basements and building walls.

APPLICATION: Dampen the substrate with potable water before beginning as this will prevent drag on the material and will keep the surface from drawing moisture out of it. In cases of hot or windy weather, the surface should be misted with water frequently during application to prevent early dry out.

Features and Benefits

  • Prevents the infiltration of water or chemicals.
  • Fills pores, cracks, and voids to permanently bond the surface making it more dense and durable.
  • Provides uniform color and texture to make the surface more attractive.
  • Works as an alternative to rubbing architectural concrete surfaces to hide defects and blemishes.


Available in Pearl Gray, or White by special request.

Packaged in 50-pound bags.

*TK-LIQUID BONDING AGENT 225 must be purchased separately.

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