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Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater

Thawzall LLC

Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater can thaw ground, cure concrete, and heat enclosures allowing for concrete work in freezing temperatures.  Ideal for jobs 3,000-6,000SF

THAW frozen ground 3,000-6,000SF
CURE Concrete 6,000SF w/curing accessories 18,000SF (Max)
FROST prevention 9,000SF w/accessories 27,000SF (Max)
HEAT buildings 400,000 cu ft
Thawzall TCH 250 Hydronic Heater photo

Flex-Temp Systems Fusion 3000

Flex Temp Systems

Next generation ground heating, concrete curing, and construction heater.  Safe, reliable, with built-in fail safes.  Ideal for projects around 6,000SF

THAW ground 6,000SF
CURE concrete 18,000SF (With Accessories)
SPACE heating 234,000 BTU's

Flex-Temp Systems Fusion 3000 photo
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