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Decorative Concrete

There are few building materials in the world with the structural and aesthetic versatility of concrete. Concrete can be cast, stamped, carved, stained, dyed, sculpted, polished and manipulated in countless ways to achieve design goals. Knowing when and how to utilize these varied techniques for manipulating concrete is of top priority to Prairie Supply. Our knowledgeable team can help your project turn from an idea to reality. During the design phase of the construction process, technical representatives with Prairie Supply can provide extensive resources including color charts and design catalogs to help inspire decisions. Additionally recommendations can be made by our staff to assure the best possible products are being used for each unique situations. This can be as simple as choosing an interesting color combination for a new textured patio, or selecting a high performance, decorative concrete flooring treatment for a new sports arena, or even aiding on selecting finishes and products for staining and texturing bridges, flood walls, and sound walls. For projects of any scale, Prairie Supply has the knowledge and inventory to make concrete a design center point that will stand the test of time.

Concrete Stamp Rental photo

Concrete Stamp Rental

We want every design situation to be looked at as one of a kind, and with concrete that couldn’t be closer to the truth. To help embrace the truly unique nature of each concrete project, Prairie Supply keeps a variety of concrete stamps as part of their rental fleet. Our stamp sets typically include 5-10 stamping tools, including touch up skins and hand tamper, available patterns for rent include the following:

“Hadley Creek Texture”
“Oxford Slate Texture”
“Italian Slate Texture”
“Heavy Stone Texture”
“Chisled Slate Texture”
“Bluestone Texture”
“Dublin Cobblesstone”
“Mayan Cobblstone”
“Majestic Ashlar”
“Ashlar Slate”
“12” x 12” Slate Tile (American Slate)”
“Gilpin’s Falls Bridge Plank”
“12” Wood Plank”
“6” Wood Plank”
“3-1/2” Wood Plank”
Butterfield Uni-Mix Liquid Color Machine photo

Butterfield Uni-Mix Liquid Color Machine

​Prairie Supply has a state of the art liquid concrete pigment mixing machine that is capable of creating hundreds of different color options. This allows for great flexibility when selecting colors for a new project or when trying to get close to an existing project where the original color may not be known.

For a full color chart click here (note, colors shown on a monitor should only be used for reference, actual color cards should be used when selecting colors)

Concrete Polishing Equipment Rental photo

Concrete Polishing Equipment Rental

​Prairie Supply has been renting concrete polishing equipment to skilled contractors for nearly 10 years. By working closely with Substrate Technology, Prairie’s primary polishing equipment vendor, and L&M Laticrete, Prairie’s primary concrete polishing chemical vendor, Prairie Supply has been at the forefront of the polishing industry in North Dakota for years. Prairie’s extensive inventory features:

  • Grinding And Polishing equipment for polishing projects large and small, for SALE and RENT
  • Burnishers, Slurry Vacs and dust collection vacs for SALE and RENT
  • Lithium, Sodium, and Hybrid Silicate densifiers for hardening and sealing concrete.
  • dyes and spraying equipment- to add color to polished floors
  • sealers and stain guards for long lasting protection from stains
  • application equipment and maintenance material
“Prepmaster 3030 one of several grinding and polishing machines in our rental fleet”

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