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Aquron Concrete Solutions

Aquron Concrete Solutions

Aquron Corporation began in 1985 with this as our mission: Our mission is to supply and apply superior, environmentally responsible waterproofing products that solve and prevent problems in the concrete, stone, masonry and wood industries. We do this by establishing and maintaining the highest level of integrity and excellence in the production and application of our products and in customer support. We do this to establish God’s kingdom footprint in the nations of the world and assist our customers in solving and preventing problems which builds their businesses and provides for our families. Aquron Corporation is motivated and driven to provide excellent products and technical support to every facet of the building industry that we serve. Our desire is to provide excellent products, service and support to contractors, engineers, architects, specifiers, and builders, regardless of the size of the job. Aquron is a family owned and operated business. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of what you are doing. We are grateful for your support and consider it a privilege to serve you. You are why we exist.

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Aquron 6312

Aquron Concrete Solutions

JUST A FEW OF THE MANY BENEFITS: Elastomeric Concrete Coating, Preserves the integrity of the concrete Waterproofs Protects from oil Decreases thermal conductivity Imparts increased surface density Protects concrete from deicing agents Protects from gasoline Protects from anti-freeze Protects from Chemicals Makes ice removal easier Increases thermal resistance Expands and contracts

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Aquron 300 - Ad Mixture for Ready Mix

Aquron Concrete Solutions

Mix water Conditioner is a liquid additive, incorporated into concrete mixes during batching to provide waterproofing, strengthening, shrinkage reduction and other benefits. Utilization produces concrete with greater durability and over all resistance that extends concrete’s useful life span.

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Aquron 2000

Aquron Concrete Solutions

Aquron 2000 Cure & Seal™ is a unique one step cure and seal, it is an ideal product for curing or treating concrete surfaces that are to be painted or coated since it enhances the bonding quality of the surface. Prevents peeling, cracking and loss of bond caused by capillary moisture or internal chemical reactions.

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