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Frost Fighter

Frost Fighter

For over 50 years, Frost Fighter has been manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable, and durable line of Industrial Grade Portable Heating Systems in the industry. Our commitment to ensure we engineer the safest, most technically advanced, and efficient systems has made the Frost Fighter brand the premier choice for customers demanding proven, dependable heating systems in the harshest temperatures & weather environments from the North slope of Alaska to the far reaches of South America, Asia, and beyond. With a heating lineup from 170,000 BTU/h to 1,500,000 BTU/h, you can be assured of having a temporary heating solution designed to met your project's needs. All Frost Fighter heaters are individually tested, meet OSHA standards and are either CSA or ETL certified. Common Heater Applications General Construction Concrete Curing Bridge / Road Building Restoration / Relief Equipment Pre-heating Masonry Mining Oil & Pipeline Industries Drying of Paint / Coatings Livestock Temperature Control Aircraft Pre-heating Dam Building Projects Agricultural Moisture Control Tent & Event Heating Pest Control We also provide temporary cooling solutions too! Visit Frost Fighter

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Self Contained Series

Frost Fighter

A powerful, robust heating solution for remote areas or power starved applications. Equipped with dual industry proven Oil/Diesel heaters delivering a combined 1,000,000 BTU/h and up 3.5” of static pressure for longer duct runs of up to 100ft per outlet. Each heater is independently mounted on slide rails for easy access and offers the flexibility to use standard power vs generator power if available. A complete trailer package with on-board fuel tanks and generator make this the ideal heater for the toughest job-site environments.

Self Contained Series  photo

IHS Series

Frost Fighter

For robust, powerful and dependable heating power from 700,000 - 1,500,000 BTU/h, the IHS Series offers the highest statice pressure in the industry of up to 5”. With duct connections of 16” & 20” clean, dry heat can be delivered up to 100ft from each outlet. Equipped with standard air return, the IHS Series can be configured to provide maximum fuel efficiency savings

IHS Series  photo

IDHQR Series

Frost Fighter

Compact, lightweight and extremely powerful, the IDH200QR is equipped with standard recirculation, High Static Pressure, low dB noise level and is capable of up to 100ft of total duct length. A cool to the touch jacket, stainless steel multi-pass heat exchanger, 3-trials for ignition and EZ Ball Valve switchover features make this system ideal for applications where portability, durability and reliable operation are necessary.

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Frost Fighter IDF 500

Frost Fighter

The perfect solution where clean, dry heat is required to complete a project on time and within budget. Ductable up to 50ft, our IDF lineup comes standard with many features designed for safety, performance, and efficiency not found on competitive systems.

Heating Capacity 420,000 BTU/h
Electrical Requirements 115V / 20amp
Air Flow 3,100 CFM
Static 0.5"
Motor 1Hp
Shipping Dimensions 83"L x 37"W x 52"H
Shipping Weight 580lbs
Approvals / Certification CSA ETL
Frost Fighter IDF 500 photo

Frost Fighter Direct Fired Series

Frost Fighter

An economical heating solution for well-ventilated heating projects, the Direct Fighter Series are proven to be extremely durable workhorses providing quick heat and reliable operation.

Frost Fighter Direct Fired Series photo
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