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Monoslab EZ Form

Monoslab EZ Form

Mono Slab® EZ Form is a patented product that allows you to form, insulate and back-fill all before you pour and place concrete. Mono Slab® EZ form removes several steps compared to the traditional forming and insulating process. Mono Slab® EZ form will save you time, labor, and money. Lance Boyce invented the product to help solve a problem in the construction industry. With the down turn of construction, Lance was unable to retain labor. Skilled labor left the construction industry to pursue money in the oil fields. This left labor needs to be filled by Lance, his wife Amber, and their 2 young children Nalder and Ainsley (6 years old and 8 years old at the time). Lance and his family went through the tedious process of traditional methods of Forming, Pouring, and Insulating Frost Protected Shallow Foundations. The traditional forming process required several steps, including pounding up to 150 metal stakes, 80 – 100 Wood Brace boards, and extensive amounts of lumber to create the forms, not to mention the tedious process of removing all the stakes and brace boards once the project had been poured. In a single summer and fall season, Lance and Amber set up 4 projects, poured and stripped 4 projects, and then went back to install the horizontal wing insulation. This process took a toll on Lance. His body was broken down, his shoulder needed repair. The fear that he had left his family vulnerable scared him. Lance and Amber knew that no way physically could Amber set up and tear down projects alone if Lance got hurt. So, through much thought, Lance developed a forming system that would simplify the forming and insulating process of a Mono Slab®. Mono Slab® EZ Form was born. Mono Slab® EZ Form allows you to form, insulate, and back-fill all before you pour and place concrete, removing several steps in the forming and insulating process. Lance and Amber used this product for a few years, and their local inspector came to them and suggested that they sell Mono Slab® EZ Form Products to other contractors. The inspector loved the simplicity and over protection of Mono Slab® EZ Form. The inspector said that other Contractors needed this product. "This would solve many issues in the field of blowouts and improper insulation methods", and would make his job as an inspector easier. Lance and Amber chose to go through the steps and process to set Mono Slab® EZ Form up as a real business. Mono Slab® is a registered trade mark. Mono Slab® EZ Form is patented. Mono Slab® EZ Form is being sold & used in several areas in the US and Canada. Mono Slab® EZ Form has become their passion. Contractors are thrilled with a product that saves them time, labor and money.

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Monoslab® EZ Form

Monoslab EZ Form

Mono Slab® EZ Form is a patented product that allows you to form, insulate and back-fill all before you pour and place concrete.

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