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TufTile® is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tuf-Tite, Inc. TufTile produced its first detectable warning product in 2008. Years of polymer formulation experience and field testing have led to the launching of the detectable warning products we produce today. TufTile is an American company, American owned and operated. TufTile® polymer products are manufactured by TufTile in Lake Zurich, Illinois. TufTile® cast iron products are made in America from American raw materials, in TufTile tooling specifically for TufTile. Our modern and highly automated manufacturing equipment, warehouse, and shipping areas are all contained under one roof in our 165,000 sf facility. We are fully capable of servicing any and all demand for TufTile products. Our automated supply chain capabilities provide our customers with seamless on-time deliveries.

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Polymer Tiles Wet-Set


Tuftile’s Polymer Wet-Set (cast-in-place) Tiles are replaceable high-impact detectable warning tiles designed for years of use on municipal (public) and private sidewalks, pedestrian ramps and platforms.

Polymer Tiles Wet-Set photo

Cast Iron Wet Set ADA Tactile Tile


TufTile’s Cast Iron ADA Tactile Tiles are manufactured domestically with durable cast iron that offers exceptional performance characteristics. TufTile detectable warning products are designed with features that will ensure years of trouble-free performance.

Cast Iron Wet Set ADA Tactile Tile photo
Items marked with Transparent DOT Logo have been approved by the Department of Transportation for the listed state.

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