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Aluminum Stop Log System

Easy to assemble, temporary flood wall for road and rail crossings and other deployable applications

Aluminum Stop Log System Depending on local conditions and flood situation, temporary aluminum systems are used which protect the dike up to a height of 2.40 m above the dike top. The retrofittable elements consist of aluminum supports with a 10% incline as well as intermediate beams which can be braced against one another horizontally and vertically. The aluminum profiles are easy to handle and install, require little storage space and offer high stability and tightness. TKR aluminum stop log system The aluminum stop log system consists of only a few standard parts and can be used as a protective wall, for dike openings and for building protection. The logs and supports are made from aluminum profiles. Vertical bracing of the logs is by means of wedges made of impact-resistant plastic, while horizontal bracing is by means of screw lock units. Special purpose-designed seals of EPDM material ensure the tightness of the system. The EPDM material is weathering-resistant, robust and resistant to aggressive chemicals. Strip foundations, sheet walls, piles or other suitable foundations can be used. Loads are transferred into the foundations via anchor plates and stainless steel bolts. For direct mounting on steel sheet pile walls, special connecting structures are available.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design
  • Robust construction for high reliability
  • Easy installation
  • No special tooling necessary
  • Long life
  • Low maintenance, care and storage requirements
  • Highly resistant EPDM seal
  • Logs and supports made of corrosion-resistant aluminum
  • Connecting elements made of stainless steel
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