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Batt Screed

No cords, hoses or fumes! With an ever fluctuating economy and variable labor market, contractors are constantly looking to increase production without losing quality. Our patented battery powered roller screed offers unparalleled mobility, precision, and efficiency to contractors of all sizes.

Batt Screed

The Batt Screed is a patented battery powered roller screed. It is powered by a rechargeable 60-volt lithium-ion battery for impressive power and run time. It eliminates exhaust fumes, power cords, and hydraulic hoses typically found in traditional roller screeds. It comes with expandable tube inserts that allow easy transition between tubes 3 ft. to 22 ft long. A three position handle folds and locks for compact and lightweight transport. With a simple pull of two pins one person can detach the screed from the tube in less than a minute.


By Removable & Rechargeable Battery


Aluminum Pipe Lengths 3’ - 22’


Pipe Inserts for Multiple Length Pipes


Handle for Compact Transport and Trigger Lock


Handle with Three Position Lock


Steel Housing for Durability and Protection


Attach Chuck


Change with Push of a Button


Right or Left Hand Speed Control

Features and Benefits

• Folding and locking handle for safe & compact transport.

• Powered by a removable and rechargeable 60-volt lithium ion battery.

• One fully charged battery is estimated to screed off 1800-2500 square feet.

• Removable pipe inserts to easily switch between multiple length pipes.

• Easy access door protects the battery and drill from moisture, concrete, and accidental impact.

• Pivoting handle with three position lock for comfortable operation.

• Heavy duty kickstand allows the screed to be free-standing during a pour without catching rebar, formwork, or falling down.

• Lifting handle designed for convenience and safety.

• 6061-T6 EXTRUDED PORTHOLE PIPE – ASTM B429 – 4” SCH 40 (4.500 OD X .237 W) aluminum pipe recommended for flatwork.


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