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Curb Roller

Curb Roller

We believe there should be an easier way to shape concrete, without hindering quality. With our line of roller screeds your crew can complete more jobs in less time. From custom drums to new products, we do our best to establish high-quality concrete shaping solutions for crews of all sizes. With the ability to easily change profiles, pipe lengths and more, our machines are ready to take on any job.

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Batt Screed

Curb Roller

No cords, hoses or fumes! With an ever fluctuating economy and variable labor market, contractors are constantly looking to increase production without losing quality. Our patented battery powered roller screed offers unparalleled mobility, precision, and efficiency to contractors of all sizes.

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Curb Roller

The Curb Roller CM4000 is an award winning innovation that continues to change the way contractors around the world shape concrete. The CM4000 is a single operator machine with an ergonomic design that can easily change profiles, helping to take most of the back-breaking labor out of shaping curb and gutter.  Whether you run a large company with several crews, or a small three-man outfit, the Curb Roller can directly improve your bottom line!

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