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Curb Roller


The Curb Roller CM4000 is an award winning innovation that continues to change the way contractors around the world shape concrete. The CM4000 is a single operator machine with an ergonomic design that can easily change profiles, helping to take most of the back-breaking labor out of shaping curb and gutter.  Whether you run a large company with several crews, or a small three-man outfit, the Curb Roller can directly improve your bottom line!


• Adjustable guide ring allows the user to set the curb depth to a width of 7 inches.

• Easily switches out any of our drum profiles, as well as custom drums.

• Variable speed and directional valve which give the operator ultimate control of the machine.

• Adjustable handle position provides a more comfortable offset.

• Curb Tools available to assist finishing.

• Hydraulically Driven

• 3-5 GPM @ 2250 PSI Required

• Two-Way Variable Speed Control

• Adjustable Guide Ring Ensures Uniform Curbs

• Standard Drum Shapes Up To 32″ Curb & Gutter

• 25′ Hydraulic Hose (w/ Quick Connect Couplers)

• Interchangeable Drums


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