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Thawzall "Mini" Hydronic Heater

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Rental Thawzall 12F Hydronic Heater

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Rental Thawzall "Extreme Heat" Hydronic

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Flex-Temp Systems Indirect-Fired Heating

Flex Temp Systems

Providing heat without the
risk of combustion

Mobile indirect fired heaters are perfect for remote locations where external power is not available and a turnkey heating solution is required. These all-in-one mobile heaters are ready to tow and go to the job site. Ideal for oil wells, wind towers, bridge construction or repair. Use on temporary facilities, tents, and for structural drying in flood/water restoration.

  •  Fuel options are available.
  •  Thermostatically controlled for efficiency.
  •  Separate stainless combustion chamber
  •  Continuous run time

Flex-Temp Systems Indirect-Fired Heating photo
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