Frost Fighter

IHS Series

For robust, powerful and dependable heating power from 700,000 - 1,500,000 BTU/h, the IHS Series offers the highest statice pressure in the industry of up to 5”. With duct connections of 16” & 20” clean, dry heat can be delivered up to 100ft from each outlet. Equipped with standard air return, the IHS Series can be configured to provide maximum fuel efficiency savings

IHS Series


Maximum Heating Capacity 700,000 BTU/h 1,500,000 BTU/h
Dual Stage Firing No Lo-Fire & Hi-Fire
Heated Air Volume 4,600 CFM 11,000 CFM
Maximum Static Pressure 4.0" 5.0"
Insulated Shell Yes Yes
Outlet Configuration dual 16" dual 20"
Inlet Configuration dual 16" dual 20"
Maximum Total Duct Length Up to 100ft per Outlet Up to 100ft per Outlet
Fuel Tank Capacity (US Gal) optional 175 US Gal Auxiliary Fuel Tank Required
Environmental Spill Containment Yes n/a
Approximate Run Time with Tank 35 hrs n/a
Supply Gas Pressure (LP/NG) 1/2lb PSI max. or 7"-14" w.c. 1/2lb PSI max. or 7"-14" w.c.
Optional EZ Burner Switchout* Yes* Yes*
Standard Power Requirements 208/230V Dual HED - 1 & 3 Phase 208/230V - 3 Phase
Optional Power Configurations 460V or 575V - 3 Phase 460V or 575V - 3 Phase
Dimensions 100"L x 35"W x 59"H 156"L x 44"W x 75"H
Approximate Weight 1,600lbs 2,800lbs
Approvals / Certification CSA / ETL CSA / ETL

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